Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lich Guide

Kel'Thuzad (Lich)
Forcibly raised from the dead by the Lich King to serve as his elite magical guard, the Lich has the burning cold of Northrend in his realm of control. Evoking numerous freezing blasts, his talent in life still remains in death. Delving into the essence of cold magic, he has the power to cause ice to condense into an orb that bounces from foe to foe, causing tremendous pain in its wake. Sacrificing his allies for magical power, the Lich is a murderer without a trace of warmth.

Hero Skills

Frost Nova - Blasts enemy units around a target enemy unit with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement and attack rates for 4 seconds.

Level 1 - 50 target damage and 75 nova damage.
Level 2 - 100 target damage and 100 nova damage.
Level 3 - 125 target damage and 125 nova damage.
Level 4 - 175 target damage and 150 nova damage.

Frost Armor - Creates a shield of frost around a target friendly unit. The shield adds armor and slows attacking melee units for 2 seconds.
Lasts 40 seconds.

Level 1 - Adds 3 armor.
Level 2 - Adds 6 armor.
Level 3 - Adds 9 armor.
Level 4 - Adds 12 armor.

Dark Ritual - Sacrifices a target friendly unit to convert its hit points into mana.

Level 1 - 15% of hit points to mana.
Level 2 - 30% of hit points to mana.
Level 3 - 45% of hit points to mana.
Level 4 - 60% of hit points to mana.

Chain Frost - Releases a jumping breath of frost that jumps 6 times.

Level 1 - Deals 280 damage per hit.
Level 2 - Deals 370 damage per hit.
Level 3 - Deals 460 damage per hit.

Hero Builds

MVP Build - This is not a good build for lich if you are looking for good team play. Use this build only if there are no other options for mvp or you are playing with random players and your teammates suck at playing.
  • Starting Items - 2 tangos, 1 flask, the rest to branches
  • Early to mid game items - bracers, boots of travel
  • Late game items - Eye of Skadi, Aghanhim's Scepter, Heart of Tarrasque
  • Skill Build : dark ritual, nova, nova, dark ritual, nova, chain frost, nova, dark ritual, stats, dark ritual, chain frost, frost armor, frost armor, frost armor, frost armor, chain frost, the rest to stats. (Note: if you plan on being aggressive at level 1 like getting a first blood, you can get nova first but it's best to get dark ritual first for early creep control)

Gameplay :

The moment the creeps starts to spawn, cast dark ritual on on melee creep. That way, you have one less creep so your enemy on the lane will automatically have less xp and gold. Cast dark ritual every cooldown and keep harassing the enemy with your frost nova and occasional normal attacks. You have almost unlimited mana because of dark ritual so don't be afraid to cast nova every cooldown. Just be careful to have enough mana to cast dark ritual again. Keep doing this to keep giving your enemy a hard time. When you reach level 6, if he has low hp it is a sure kill. If the hero with you on the same lane(teammate) is a stunner, it would make things easier to get a kill. If the enemy goes back to base to heal, it is also good because it means that he is now behind on experience and that also means easier farming for you and your teammate. It will also affect the hero he left on the lane. That hero can't afford to get himself exposed so he will most definitely hide behind their tower. Keep doing this until you're forced to go back to base and buy items. When you do, buy boots and bracers first. Boots of travel if you have extra. When yo have these items, you can easily support your teammates or go anywhere on the map for the kill. As much as possible use chain frost to go for a kill every cooldown.

Late Game you go for Eye of Skadi, Aghanhim's Scepter and Heart of Tarrasque. Eye of Skadi is a good item for lich for the slow effects. It also adds health, mana and damage. Get Aghanhim's Scepter after this to increase your ultimate damage and decrease its cooldown giving you more chances on casting chain frost with also an improved damage. Get Heart of Tarrasque after this to make you harder to kill. Expect that by this time, your enemies have good items too so you need lots of health if you want to stay long in combat. You can experiment for your next items after this. You can go for refresher orb or anything you like. Just try things out.

Support Build - best build for lich for team play. Lich is one of my favorite support characters. It is the very thing that Lich is good at while also having the ability to do massive damage
  • Starting Items - 2 tangos, 1 flask, the rest to branches
  • Early to mid game items - observer wards(or sentries if you need it more), bracers, town portal
  • Late game items - dagger, mekansm, Eul's Scepter of Divinity
  • Skill Build : dark ritual, nova, nova, dark ritual, nova, chain frost, nova, dark ritual, stats, dark ritual, chain frost, frost armor, frost armor, frost armor, frost armor, chain frost, the rest to stats. (Note: if you plan on being aggressive at level 1 like getting a first blood, you can get nova first but it's best to get dark ritual first for early creep control)

Gameplay :

As soon as the creeps spawn, cast dark ritual on the melee creep right away. Remember to cast dark ritual every cooldown. Your role is to support your teammate's hero on the lane. Give all creep kills to him as much as possible and focus on denying your creeps and harassing the enemy heroes. Use frost nova every now and then but be sure to reserve mana for dark ritual. If you get constant visits from other enemy heroes, go home and buy observer wards. Buy sentry wards if your opponents have skills like vendetta and windwalk. Remember to always support your team's mvp hero. Buy lots of wards if you have to. Don't worry about your item too much. All you need is to be in a safe distance then cast spells every now and then every cooldown. If you are having a hard time, buy 1 to 2 bracers to give you more health. Buy boots and town portal too so you can also help your other teammates whenever they're being attacked. You can leave the mvp hero every now and then to harass other enemies on the other lanes but be sure to bring tp so you can always go back to your lane whenever you are needed by the mvp hero. Keep doing this until you have extra money to buy items of your own like dagger of escape. Dagger of escape is a good item to help you escape the enemy's mvp heroes. Get mekansm too if you still have extra gold so you can heal yourself and your allies during clashes.

During clashes, the most important thing is for you to cast chain frost before you die. Always make sure that you casted chain frost on the clash. You also need to have good timing for maximum effect. Don't go out front before clashes. Avoid being caught by the enemy first thing like being stunned or swapped then get killed before you can even cast chain frost. Be sure to cast frost armor on your teammates too. This is good specially against melee opponents. If you did all this during the clash, you are already good. It's ok to die as long as you have casted all the spells that you needed to cast.


Anonymous said...

O pls...R u a Noob Or Something...Eye Of Skadi is like almost useless for lich...U think lich shoots ice then must buy freezing attack isit?Lich Frost nova enuff already...Though Eye of Skadi Boosts Lich Hp and Mp Quite a lot,have you ever thought of the price and lich attack so slowly...At the most u slow the enemy 1 time then he run away already

Anonymous said...

my item build for lich

2.Battle Fury
3.Eye of Skadi
4.Aghanims scepter
5.Boots of Travel
At the end if you have enough gold u can buy divine rapier or anything else .... i prefer to buy another battle fury ... this build also works well for tormented soul

Anonymous said...

which noob gets bf on a ranged hero -.-

Anonymous said...

omg man battle fury on lich? ¬¬ n00b

dim said...

yeah, battlefury doesn't work on lich. if you want get heart of tarrasque so you will be hard to kill. or just get bloodstone or cuirass.

Anonymous said...

oh god, was looking for useful info, dang... battlefury?! Eye of skadi?
depends on the type of game... i do 1v1... so get those power treads and then get the goods on the comments.


i get:

1. Phase Boots (personal preference)
2. Euls Scepter
3. Aghanims
4. Shiva's
5. Guinsoo's
(and if theres any time left)
6. Refresher (for nova and chain)

also i get:

1. Frost Nova
2. Dark Ritual
3. Frost Armor
4. Frost Nova
5. Frost Armor
6. Chain Frost

then i dont get Dark ritual till after 3rd ulti. my items make up for mana regen.

nooby build btw.

Anonymous said...

Lich is a spammer imo.
max out dark ritual and nova first
then in lane, spam the shit out of nova.
you'll always have mana, so you can always nuke with nova, because of your dark ritual

frost armor you should level once after both nova and ritual are maxed.

for items, you'll go mek asap.
then you can get your pres for refresher
finish refresher
Aghanims scepter

then basically, thats gg
but you also need to know how to use liches ulti properly.

i have this really nice move if you're lich on the sential team. if you'd like to know

Anonymous said...

boots of speed only
shiva's guard
two vanguard (optional)
or guinsoo

your godlike-

CoLDFuSiON said...

wtf.t for lich...omg!!
my item build more onto teamwork

6.BKB or Linken sphere

Boost HP n MAna regen + aoe support(meka & Shiva)

2.dark ritual
4.dark ritual
6.chain frost
8.dark ritual
9.attributed bonus
10.dark ritual
11.chain frost
12.attributed bonus
13.attributed bonus
16.chain frost
at lvl 17 or 18 it might useful to up ur frost armor depending on the situation.

early item:
bottle(if ur last hit is power enough)
but for me..I go with
2 branch(meka),1potion,1 tango
(1-15minute):meka finish with boots and buy 2 circlet nobility and empty bottle.
(15min-35min):BoT,Meka,staff,void stone,and 2 bracer
(35-45min):Bot,Meka,Hex,2bracer with preserverance(blood stone)
(45min until end if u need):meka,bot,hex,bloodstone,linken sphere,shiva

if u can make this..than u r a perfet supporter for ur team..that all...E-Coldfusion(Garena)

Anonymous said...

BoT isnt tht good, you'll need power trends

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Let me share with you my lich built, Anyway lich is my best hero and it would be stupid to get BattleFury for lich.

2.Boots of Travel or Phase Boots
3.A.Scepter (Must)
4.Refresher Orb
5.Guinsoo (Optional)

Anyway do NOT add frost armor it is almost useless even if you fight a melee hero lich will definately lost because lich cannot tank hits.

Anonymous said...

WTF BATTLE FURY ?! But i wonder skadi is effective anot?

dim said...

nevermind the battlefury item on lich guys. one just shared that this is part of his build but right now we all know that battlefury doesn't work on lich.. heh.

DotA Player 101 said...

well, i think i got some idea of that.

I usually start of with an oblivion staff, Headdress of Rejuvenation, 2 null talismans and the boots of speed with 2 salves.

I use this pattern for skills: nova, ritual, nova, ritual, ritual, chain, armor, nova, armor, ritual, chain, armor, nova, armor, stats, chain, and the rest to stats.

When I get enough gold, i build my Nathrezim Buckler.

Then, build another Oblivion Staff.

Next, build my mekansm.

Then, I start with a point booster, then, energy and vitality, leads to Soul Booster.

Then, complete the Orchid Malevolence to silence the enemy while you cast spells on it and faster Mana regenerationso you won't need to cast Dark Ritual again.

When you have 2700, build your aghanim's scepter. With that, it is a breeze in killing the enemy.

Then, build your shiva's guard, starting with plate mail, the recipe itself, then the mystic staff.

If there is still time, build your Eye of Skadi. Because you have the ability already to silence the enemy, you can slow him/her down with it. And because you already have a 100+ damage, it is a sure kill when the Eye of Skadi comes in, giving you 25 more damage and an ability to slow the enemy. It will be a piece of cake to kill the enemy by now.

Now that you have the ff: Aghanim's Scepter, Orchid Malevolence, Mekansm, Eye of Skadi, Shiva's Guard; you can improve your movement by now through Phase Boots, Power Threads or Boots of Travel.

-DotA Player 101

Anonymous said...

build this man a vit type
heart of tarrasque
linken sphere
black king bar

Anonymous said...

lich is my best hero

nova, dr, nova, dr, nova, chain, nova, dr, dr, get armor for mellee heroes but one point for the slow, get stats then.

get ring of regen and brances first, last hit EVERYTHING you can and deny full health creeps with your dr to lessen exp for your enemy

then go boots (norm), mek, bracers if you need health. i go bloodstone and A zepter for max survive and nuke power with your ult. lothars is also very handy so you can chain frost without getting stunned and nuked before you cast. once you're unkillable go around own some bitches, get that paper (gold) and buy support items to interrupt as much as possible. lich is good nuke early game but is amazing support end game. you can't really kill 1 hero end game, but you can fuck over 2-3.

Anonymous said...

hmm, what about
boots of travel
vlads( im actually not sure i tried it once and i did pretty good)

Anonymous said...

why would anyone prefer to build BF for range like lich .Anyway i prefer to build aga,mec,shiva,cuiras,dagon,tarasque

Anonymous said...

wat the hell..
battle fury?..
battle fury isn't good..

Anonymous said...

eye of skadi is effective while chain frost is running dude, u can shot ur enemy while he's freeze with the frost effect and then finish him with frost nova if he strong enough to survive, and it also boost lich hp

Ke said...

You're all noobs. Only Coldfusion got it right.

Anonymous said...

Lol u only need like
3.BkB (if they gank alot and u need sumthing to disable their stun)
4.Mekasm or Hex whichever ur team need ( i recommend finish Head of Rej first then juz go for BoT afta tat, ur team can handle until later)
5.GUESS Wad??? REFRESHER LOL!!!!! imagine 2 bounces at once lol (might need observer ward)

This guide help me win every game wif lich lol

Anonymous said...

Boots of Travel
Eye of Skadi
Aghanim's Scepter
Shiva's Guard
Orchid Malevolence

rely on salves and town scroll early game...

Anonymous said...

my items are

1)phase boots
5)aghanim's scepter

Anonymous said...

It is unexpectedness!

Anonymous said...

Idea excellent, I support.

Your Guardian Angel said...

Lich works well as a Ganker Slow with his Nova. Get BoT for lane control, Agms, Shivas or Curiass, Blood, Orchid. dagon is optional if enemy is full of str type heros else chain is enough for agi/int type hero. Blink is bad for him. Lothars if you need an escape mechanism for which i think a Phase is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Aha, so too it seemed to me.

Anonymous said...

It agree, very useful message

Anonymous said...

-power treads
-refresher orb

this what i do!

any comments or suggestions anyone?

Anonymous said...

In it something is also to me your idea is pleasant. I suggest to take out for the general discussion.

Anonymous said...

lol.. he even preffered to buy another bf.. no0berz.. ^^

Anonymous said...

my best items for lich:

boots of travel
eye of skadi
assault cuilrass
aghanim scepter
yasha and sange(if u need fast attack)
butterfly(if u need some armor)

Anonymous said...

im a lich adict and what i do is always go for dagon first then make any item build according the type of enemy heroes,i usually get kills not less than 20 and 1 or two deaths at the end of the game.dagon and shiva are the two items that i do not substitute, i always have those two. happy gaming guys :D

Anonymous said...


fuker_from_hell said...

my lich item build
2.empty bottle

skill build
1.frost nova
3.frost nova
5.frost nova
6.chain frost
8.frost nova
11.chain frost
17.chain frost
18-25. dark ritual,frost armor and chain frost

Anonymous said...

pure ice build:
1.arcane boots
3.shiva's guard
4.eye of skadi
6.aghanim's scepter

Adeco said...

and, killer type lich:
1)frost nova
2)dark ritual
3)frost nova
4)dark ritual
5)frost nova
6)chain frost
7)dark ritual
8)frost nova
11)chain frost
(optional)frost armor

Anonymous said...

item build for lich is 2 basttle fury's for mullti hit., then butterfly. then manta style nd then sange nd yasha for ownage. nd at last make a heart. so no1 can pwn u . then u can pwn ny1's ass. :))

Anonymous said...

you're all lame! good god! when can i meet somebody who is worth believing?

here's what you should use!

1. use your brain to make him useful!
2. use your hands as fast as you can to control and be able to cast all the skills that he is suppose to use.
3. lastly, use your character well to navigate and dominate on the game.

hehehe! just fooling! your all nnnnnooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbssssssssss

Anonymous said...

the best item for lich,
mekanism (important for survival)
phase boot (to escape/chasing enemy)
aganim (this is important)
refresher orb (for doubled chain frost).

and the rest is up to you.

doni said...

I always start with this item:
ring of regen
1 tango

skill build
frost nova
frost nova
Chain frost

then buy boot -> Phase boot
ring of regen -> mekanism

next build Aganim, then Refresher orb.

if the game still continue, buy Skadi