Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DOTA Heroes

Players should choose their heroes(1 hero per player) in order to play DOTA. It is very important to know the hero very well so you can use them very effectively. Heroes can be classified in to different types. They can mainly be classified by attributes( strength, agility and intelligence).

Strength increases a hero’s maximum hit points and hit point regeneration. Each time a hero gains 1 strength his maximum hit points is increased by 19 and his hit point regeneration is increased by 1. Base damage of strength type heroes are also increased by 1 for every 1 strength gained. Agility increases a hero’s armor and attack speed. Each time a hero gains 7 agility his armor is increased by 1. Also for each 1 agility gained, attack speed is increased by 1% and adds 1 base damage for agility type heroes. Intelligence increases a hero’s mana regeneration and maximum mana points. Each time a hero gains 1 intelligence his mana is increased by 13 and his mana regeneration is increased by 1. Heroes with intelligence as their primary attribute increase their base damage by 1 for every 1 intelligence gained.

By the way, heroes gain additional attribute when they level up which varies on different heroes. There is also an option where players can assign it when heroes gain a level. Hit point and mana regeneration means the number of hit points or mana regenerated every 1 second. Armor increases hero defense against physical attacks.

So going on with classifying heroes by their main attributes. Here is a little overview:

  • Strength Heroes - these heroes have strength as their primary attribute. They have a melee attack meaning they can only attack units that are next to them(this might change if ever new strength heroes are released on the future versions of DOTA). These heroes have lot of hit points and have a high hit point regeneration meaning they can sustain lots of damage and can quickly go back into battle after taking a lot of damage compared to heroes of different types.
  • Agility Heroes - these heroes have agility as their primary attribute. They are probably highest damaging heroes in the game mainly because of their fast attack speed. They can also sustain a lot of physical damage because of their high armor.
  • Intelligence Heroes - these heroes have intelligence as their primary attribute. They mostly ranged heroes because what they always do and most effective at is by casting spells. It is best to keep these heroes from a safe distance to strength and agility heroes because they have little physical resistance compared to them. These heroes also have the highest mana pool and mana regeration in the game.

Heroes can also be classified by their roles on the game. These are mvp heroes, support heroes and semi-support( or semi-mvp) heroes.

  • MVP Heroes - these heroes are the strongest heroes during late game. Meaning they’re best when they have gained a higher level and good items in their inventory. They are usually weak during the early games(compared to other heroes) so they are going to need some very good support. They will usually just farm for items from the early to middle part of the game then later comes out very strong on the late game part. They can kill almost, if not, an entire team and even the opposing team’s mvp heroes if they get left behind on items.
  • Support Heroes - these heroes are the ones that takes care of the mvp heroes during the game. From lane battles to clashes, they are very important to the mvp heroes’ survival. They are usually strong on the early part to the middle part of the game because of their support and offensive spells. Support heroes should do everything they can to protect the team’s mvp heroes even if it means they are going to die on the mvp’s place. Players using these type of heroes should be extra cautious specially during clashed because they can easily be killed when exposed.
  • Semi-MVP or Semi-support Heroes - these heroes are very versatile. They can be play as support on the early part and later become as mvps. They can also play as hunter where from the early to middle part of the game they keep going for hero kills on different lanes even without that much items. Although they are not as strong as mvp heroes, they can become stronger if they are played very well.

Heroes can also be classified on other types like tank, spammer or sweepers. Tank heroes are the ones who can take huge amount of damage and usually enters the clashes first to draw out the attention of the opposing team. They want to be attacked first because they can’t be killed easily therefore giving their teammates free attacks without being bothered. Spammers are heroes who have lots of mana(or mana regeneration) and have area of effect spells(AOE). They are very effective in hitting lots of creeps(even enemy heroes) and is very important when defending or pushing an attack. Sweepers are heroes that have a very high damage. They are called sweepers because they usually come a little late during clashes to avoid being killed first or being disabled with stun, euls, etc. They come in when the attention is on another teammate(hopefully the tank. heh) and then kill what’s left of the enemy starting on the weakest ones.

Again, heroes are mainly classified by attributes. You may not encounter the other types I mentioned here but I said it because these are very important when I post my guides later on. So when I say “mvp agility hero” or in one of my guides “support build, mvp build, etc.” you will know what I mean. :)


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this guide is really helpful specially for a girl like me who's tryin to learn dota on my own..

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yep, me too

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ive never given dota a try online because im not sure about what items to get but this guide helped me find my way...thanks

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ya me too ...but im a boy

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not all strenght type heroes are meele... sacred warior is a range type hero yet he is a strenght type hero....

dim said...

You're right. Huskar is strength type and has ranged attack. This page was done in 2007 so that time Huskar is still not around. I need to update this blog. I haven't updated this for a long time but now I'm back.

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Nice blog... Really helpful.

I like your lich guide a lot